인터뷰는 어떻게 약속해야 하나요? (How do I make an appointment for an interview?)

Once a volunteer team requests for an appointment from the secretary, the secretary will redirect the team to a contact near its location. Call and arrange both a time and location for the volunteer team and interviewee to show up.

무엇을 물어봐야 할까요? (What questions should I ask for an efficient and valuable interview?)

1. Please briefly introduce your profile and background.

2. Who do you want to meet the most?

– What is your relationship with the people you want to meet again?

– How did you separate from them?

3. What was your hometown like?

– If possible, could you describe what your community was like?

4. Who are the members in your family?

5. Did you make any promises to separated family members? If so, what was/were they?

6. What was your life like after separating from your family?

7. What are some last remarks you would like to leave to your lost family members?

Please remember to take a picture of the volunteer team and the interviewee after the interview is conducted.


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